In-ka-hai: How Sweet It Is! (englisch)

In-ka-hai: How Sweet It Is! (englisch)

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In-ká-hai: How Sweet It Is! is the true-life story of Pete and Leah Humphreys who spent 17 years working in the arid Chaco region of Paraguay. They were Bible teachers to the Manjúi. These tribal people had no knowledge of the Bible and were steeped in their traditional beliefs.

Despite being very careful to teach the Bible clearly, the Humphreys encountered problems. The Manjúi put on a veneer of Christianity but underneath, they clung to their animistic beliefs. They were mixing two belief systems together. What could Pete and Leah do? The Manjúis’ eventual trust in Jesus is an exciting story of front line ministry in action.

Learn what the Humphreys did to overcome the challenges and, more importantly, see how it is applicable to ordinary believers anywhere in the world today.

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Includes a six-session study guide based on lessons drawn from the story:

  • The importance of credibility in sharing the gospel
  • What needs to be considered when sharing the gospel with the biblically illiterate
  • How a person who is not a gifted communicator can share the gospel
  • The question of those who say they are saved but don’t act like it
  • The problem of syncretism and how to address it

Appropriate for these audiences:

  • Personal reading and reflection
  • Small groups
  • Christian schools
  • Bible colleges & seminaries (pastoral, missions, evangelism)
  • Sunday school

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